Questions Linger Over Vancouver’s Hopes To Lift The Curse Of Robson Street

1045 Haro Street
It’s been hard to be excited about anything this year, but one of the few things that brought Hannah and I some joy was city council’s decision to simplify the rezoning process. Removing the requirement for applicants to submit an enquiry prior to an official application has not only saved them and city staff time and resources, but us as well. After all, we spent numerous hours recapping these meetings, and highlighting the notification cards that announced them.

Still, we were honoured our readers would send us these tips, and felt privileged to make others aware of them, plus we enjoyed the treats at these open houses too. As this is a virtual event, we’ll have to bring our own food, but the opportunity to make a difference hasn’t been diminished. Arguably, it’s been greatly enhanced, as the applicant has undertaken this voluntary step in hope of garnering support for a new initiative in our city.

It seems city staff are willing to consider allowing this proposal to reach the full height permitted under the Burrard Corridor section of the West End Community Plan (pg 51). That would ease a little known guideline that prohibits any shadowing of Robson Street’s north sidewalk, which has restricted projects big and small. Of course, the limitations of the view cones, floor plate width restrictions, and other policies will continue to apply, so this high street won’t be blanketed in darkness.

It might even be bolstered, as the proposed 40,000 square feet of commercial space is enough to fill an entire floor of the property, and more than doubles the amount in the cursed building along Thurlow. This may eventually prompt an expansion of the Robson Street or Downtown BIAs, but it will be those with children who will have the most room to grow thanks the inclusion of a new 49 space daycare.

– (Source)

Similarly, for the first time since the City View building was stratified in 1980 (pg. 146), renters will be able to find a place to live in one the 66 new rental homes. This might become a trend, as recently city council approved a motion to allow blocks to the south to switch from strata to rental housing. Some of those have already been approved, but all have offered their own unique, and often highly praised design.

We imagine that will be the case here too, especially given there will be 450 strata homes to replace the 161 that collectively sold for ~165 million dollars in 2017. However, we won’t know for sure until the virtual open house starts on December 7th, 2020, and any remaining queries will be answered at the two Q&A sessions a week later. Even if you miss those events, you’ll have until December 20th, 2020 to send your thoughts to

You can view the complete notice, along with the schedule of events, here on our Instagram.

Applicant Team Information:
Developer Partnership – Forseed Group, CM Partners, & Intracorp Homes

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