Refined Humility Guides The New St. Paul’s Hospital To Urban Design Panel Support

1002 Station St – New St. Paul’s Hospital (DP-2021-00085) Phase 1A – Revised Concept Apparently I’m not the only person tired of seeing the Urban Design Panel examine the new St. Paul’s Hospital, as city staff started this event by expressing hope it would go faster than the last review. That meeting concluded with a request... Continue Reading →

Once Again, Vancouver’s UDP Is Calling For Your Non-Support Of The New St Paul’s Hospital

1002 Station St - New St. Paul's Hospital (DP-2021-00085) Phase 1A - Part Two Design Rational & Building ConceptI’m lucky to have a spouse who shares my passion for following our city’s evolution, and endless meetings like this one. Now on its fourth review, The Urban Design Panel spent over four hours examining the new... Continue Reading →

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