Technicolour Dreams Cut Short – Reborn West End Centre Hit By Petition Against The Wrong People

1190 Burrard Street Perhaps I was eager to attend this event as nearly 50 days have passed since Darren and I last went to an open house. Then again, as this property was sold in 2016, maybe I was just ready to see something happen here. Even with the existing building's long history, it is... Continue Reading →

Urban Design Panel Concerns Over Carshare Livability May Sink Cambie Corridor Rental Homes

441-475 West 42nd Avenue While I'm late in posting this, I was actually early to this Urban Design Panel review. Unfortunately, I remembered too late that the first hour of their meeting was in-camera. When the doors finally opened, I entered to see a group of largely new faces, including a freshly elected chair and... Continue Reading →

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