Forgotten Details Threaten To Turn Vancouver’s Parkside Daydream Into A Contested Battleground

650 W 41st Ave (DP-2021-00512) - Development Application 6 -The Commons, Upper Green, & Building 12 I'm a fairly rational person, yet I literally shivered when Hannah asked what would happen if, after eight reviews, the Urban Design Panel decided to reject the most recent phase of the Oakridge Centre. Sure enough, a few days... Continue Reading →

A Patient Grasshopper Waxes Urban Design Panel Support For Vancouver’s Peak Evolution

650 W 41st Ave (Oakridge Centre) (September 4th, 2020 Application)It feels redundant to say that the events of the last year have effected even our nation’s oldest institutions, yet this Urban Design Panel review reflected that reality. The collapse of the retail market is perhaps most visible, as even The Bay’s has decided to forgo... Continue Reading →

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