Deceitfully Civil Neighbourhood Opposition Schemes to Kill Social Housing through Expensive Litigation

1636 Clark Drive & 1321-1395 East 1st Avenue When we last wrote about this project at First and Clark, we gave our honest opinion that when one neighbourhood successfully argues social housing is inappropriate or poses a danger, it enables all communities to make that flawed argument. The end result is people are forced to... Continue Reading →

Let them Die in the Street – Grandview Woodlands Residents Fundraise to Prevent Addiction Recovery

1636 Clark Drive & 1321-1395 East 1st Ave That's a sickening sentiment, but unfortunately it is literally being put into practice in the Grandview Woodlands. The current detox centre is located at 377 East 2nd Avenue, kitty corner to St Francis Xaiver K – 7 Catholic School, across the street from the new Emily Carr... Continue Reading →

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