Canada’s Second Largest Mass Timber Office Building Wins the Hearts of Vancouver’s UDP

339 East 1st Avenue One of the biggest misconceptions many have about Vancouver's rezoning process is that the building's appearance is set in stone. Granted, objections to the look of a building are often only raised by those who are already opposed to its height, density, or the perceived affect of it on the neighbourhood's... Continue Reading →

Mountain Views Trump the Needs of Health Care – St. Paul’s Hospital to Become Vancouver’s Newest Table Top

1002 Station &  250-310 Prior St. (New St. Paul's Hospital & Health Campus) As Darren was born in the Lower Mainland, he is used to some of Vancouver's more quirky planning policies, which continue to fascinate me. Some feel designed for a city very different from the one we live in today. As many of... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Path New Custom Made Vancouver Headquarters Described as an Example to all Architects – Relocation to False Creek Flats will Double Work Force

2102 Keith Road (The Hive) I've seen and heard a lot of things at the UDP, but the announcement of a company moving their headquarters to Vancouver, allowing them to double their workforce, was not something I expected to hear when I walked into the meeting room. The review started with a presentation from the... Continue Reading →

Overwhelming Public Support and Political Hopefuls Seen at Millennium Expansion Draft Policies Event

What better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon than learning about Vancouver's plan to respond, implement, and guide the future Millennium Line expansion to Arubutus. Admittedly, there are plenty of better things to do, but Hannah and I still made our way down to the former Lulu Lemon Labs at Cambie and Broadway. While the project has been waiting for funding,... Continue Reading →

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