All Wrapped Up For 2019 – City Duo Set To Return In Mid-January With A Moderate Pace

As we enter the eve of not only a new year, but a new decade, it would be easy to get lost in a moment of self-reflection. Certainly a lot has changed for Darren and I over these last 10 years, but neither of us ever imagined writing a blog would become such a core part of our lives.

Which means the next few weeks will feel rather strange as, like last year, we will be taking a break over the holiday season. However, this time is slightly different, as we have also run out of meetings to recap as well. So, while we plan to remain active on Twitter, and catch up on some emails, there will not be a new post on City Duo until January 13th, 2020, a few days after the next scheduled Urban Design Panel review.

Of course, if that event is cancelled, our return will likely be delayed another week. In this case, our first post on January 20th, 2020 would cover the upcoming public hearing on January 21st, which will decide the fate of several Moderate Income Rental Home projects. That might seem like a slow start, but we expect a busy year ahead.


That is because there will be plenty of meetings about the Broadway Plan, Jericho Lands, City-wide Plan, and maybe even the Complete Streets Program too. Obviously we will do our best to cover as many of these as possible, and we remain extremely grateful to those who send us tips, as well as event notices to help us in our endeavours.

Though this remains a labour of love for us, we have debated if we should allow for small donations to help offset our transportation, web-services, and late night food costs. We may explore that later next year, but for now the kind thoughts our readers share with us is reward enough.

Whether you are regular visitor, pop-in occasionally, or have recently learned about City Duo, hopefully you will continue to find our perspectives helpful. After all, we still believe our city is better when more people have a chance to speak with an informed voice.

We wish all of you the best for the holidays and the in the new year.

– Hannah and Darren

For those who are able to, may we suggest lending a helping hand to these two organizations who are particularly close to our hearts.

Heart & Stroke Foundation

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