New Affordable Housing Proposed for Kerrisdale! Wall Group Proposes Expanded and Integrated Crofton Manor

Crofton Manor (2803 West 41st avenue)  

Some would say it would have to be awfully cold out for Vancouver to consider more density near the heart of the Kerrisdale Village. Maybe there is a shred of truth to that, as in January City Council approved an “issues report” which contained a city staff recommendation to allow Wall Group to proceed with a rezoning application in that very neighbourhood. The property, Crofton Manor, is a seniors’ care facility that was most recently rezoned in 2013 to allow for 339 units of housing and care units for seniors, with 1.12 FSR, and heights of up to 24.3m. However, the location sits underutilized, with 3 story buildings which provide only 193 unit of seniors care housing.

The report stresses that the existing facilities will be renewed as part of the application, and suggests that an adult day care centre will be added to the existing services. Another direct benefit to the community will be the addition of new store fronts and green spaces. However, the biggest news is that the applicant will be proposing “affordable housing” with the intent to increase the housing options in the neighbourhood. This means it’s likely that Wall Group is planning for these new homes to be mostly rental housing, something that Kerrisdale badly needs.

OH card- 2803 W 41st ave -Crofton Manor.JPG

Given that housing options are limited, not only for young people but for older residents wanting to downsize from their large empty nests, we think this a great location for additional housing. It’s only made better by the new 91 B-line express bus on 41st, and the site’s proximity to the future Arbutus Street Car. With great precedents for integrated care, like the Jewish Community Centre and Pearson Dogwood Lands, this could be a really exciting project.

Though city staff are clearly nervous, as with the issues report they essentially asked council’s permission to even consider the possibility of approaching the community with a rezoning application. Furthermore, the city is leading the process from the start, as it appears, this event is not a developer lead pre-application open house. As such, the first chance for community consultation will be 5pm – 8pm, May 2nd at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale, 2490 West 37th Ave. We are sure the community will be there, but if anyone else wanted a chance to see more density in Kerrisdale, this is the time to show up and speak up.

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