More Family-Sized Townhomes for the Cambie Corridor

119 – 133 W 41st Ave



Judging by the small attendance at this project, and the one across the street, I have to wonder if the City could have saved time and money by holding these open houses together. As you can see from the stats, this project is also underbuilt and has an over supply of parking for this location. The first section of this building has already been approved, so this is simply for the eastern phase. As the two are linked, the construction proposed will allow the access for the existing building to become a flushed out public breezeway. Believe it or not, this project doesn’t qualify for a parking reduction because it is two blocks from the Canada Line instead of only one. With this, the current parkade will be expanded, providing new stalls under phase 2. Unfortunately, this causes a new conflict, as city policy deems the existing ramp too narrow to serve this larger parkade. As such, a new parking ramp must be built as well. This is a shame, as this adds extra costs for parking that will probably remain unused.

 – Source

Looking at the renderings, I thought this would be a fairly bland, sterile project. However, I was told by a member of the applicant team that the renderings failed to capture an important aspect. According to this source, the texture of materials will create a more varied experience than the rendering would indicate. An example provided was the material on the new MEC HQ  on Great Northern Gateway. This leaves me more hopeful about this little project than when I walked in. There were a few other people in attendance, but the only person that stood out was someone who complained for 30 minutes about how even more parking should be required for this building, as they felt every family will have at least two cars. Personally, if I lived here, I don’t think I would choose to have even one.

If you want to complain about the required amount of parking , support the amount of parking, or submit any comment, you can provide your thoughts to the City here.


Project Stats

  • a 4-storey building on West 41st Avenue;
  • a 2.5-storey building on Woodstock Avenue;
  • a total of 20 market residential units;
  • a maximum building height of 15.6 m (51.1 ft.) from grade on West 41st Avenue;
  • a maximum building height of 11.8 m (38.7 ft.) from grade on Woodstock Avenue;
  • a total floor area of 2,410.6 sq. m (25,947.4 sq. ft.);
  • a floor space ratio (FSR) of 1.75; and
  • one level of underground parking with 25 vehicle parking spaces and 31 bicycle spaces


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