Townhomes, Not Condos, Coming to 41st and Columbia

146-186 West 41st Avenue & 5726 Columbia Street

While not our first post, this was the first open house Hannah and I attended this year. While Cambie Corridor projects are pretty routine by now, this one is slightly different as it proposes townhomes rather than the usual condos. That said, the event was very tame, as the 14 people in attendance seemed more interested in selling their homes for redevelopment than in the content of the open house. We even overheard an older couple from the area expressing that they should sell their nearby home and buy two in here; one to live in, and one to rent out. The project itself seems like a good use of a city block. While limited by a restrictive area plan, both Hannah and I feel that with this location should allow for more homes and floor space. After all, this project will be served by the 91 B Line and is only two block away from the Canada Line. Something I found really impressive is that 29 of these units will have lock-off suits, which could help make a home here just a bit more affordable. This project went to UDP on January 24th, though I only was there for part of the introduction. The project passed the panel with some small recommendation.
There’s still plenty of time to make your voice heard, and you can share your comments right here.


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